Behind the Chutes: Nunes Announces Retirement

Reactions to Renato Nunes retirement announcement

LAS VEGAS – In a somewhat stunning announcement on Saturday night, 2010 World Champion Renato Nunes decided to call it a career following his 1.69-second buckoff on Gangster’s Wildside.

Nunes had been mulling retirement for most of the season and had originally planned to take a year off off before deciding if he would return in 2017.

However, the 34-year-old said he is content with the decision and finally felt comfortable admitting to himself and his fans that he indeed is done being a professional bull rider.

“I was afraid to stay at home for a few months and get that fire to come back,” Nunes said. “Now, I am pretty sure that I won’t come back because I am so glad I never got hurt bad.”

Nunes said he decided to not compete on Sunday afternoon because he wanted to give an alternate rider an opportunity to ride in the PBR’s marquee event seeing as he had already done so for 10 years.

“I already have had four opportunities to make money (this week),” Nunes said. “The alternate is here. He is looking to make money. I want to give an opportunity to him too.”

Thad Newell has replaced Nunes in the draw.

Nunes will be featured in depth later this week on

Below is some reaction from some riders and others in the PBR following Nunes decision:

PBR Director of Livestock Cody Lambert: “Renato had a great career. He won a World Championship and won the Finals that same year (2010). He was one of the greats. He is not as good as he was at one time. He has done really well for his family and for himself. He has a lot going on in Brazil. He is already successful down there ranching. I wish him well. I am proud he finished a great career here at the Finals.”

Guilherme Marchi: “We are going to miss him. He was one of those guys that fought with me and (Robson) Palermo all the time to win. He proved to himself how good he is. He won the Finals and the title. He achieved the American Dream. He has set himself up for his retirement. He has a big farm and a couple thousand head of cows on his farms. He knows it is time.”

J.B. Mauney: “That was kind of out of nowhere. I like Renato. He has been around ever since I have and he rode bulls really great. He has done a lot of things a lot of people couldn’t do, the way he kind of rode on the end of his arm. The way he would flash a ride up. He was always one of the guys that was in the top. He would push you to do better.”

Valdiron de Oliveira: “I am going to miss Renato because he is a good guy. He was good to us all the time. He encouraged us all the time. All of the guys will miss him. He was riding good, but he knows all of his dream is complete.”

Mike Lee: “Renato is a little bit deceiving because he is a little guy, but he isn’t scared. That is an important thing to have as a bull rider. He was always going at them. He could ride bulls forward and backward or whatever they did. He stayed on hot streaks for a long time.”

Chad Berger: “We are good buddies. He is a great bull rider and a great friend. He has meant a lot to this sport. He has brought a lot of fans to this sport. They love his acrobatics and his personality. He has done a lot for this sport. I am going to miss him. I know he is going to go to Brazil and put his knowledge to work. All of that dedication he had for bull riding he will put toward his life. I hope he has a great future.”

Injury Updates (10-24-2015)

Neil Holmes sustained a probable broken jaw when his head collided with the bull’s head during Round 4. He also sustained a concussion and lacerated chin. The laceration was sutured in the training room. He is doubtful for Round 5.

Chase Outlaw sustained a concussion when he collided with the bull’s head during Round 4. He is questionable for Round 5.

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