Bohon, Birks and Pedrero Place First in TPD Events

By: Jordan Marie Johnson May 14, 2014@ 03:00:00 PM

Matt Bohon won this past weekend’s TPD event in Presho, S.D. Photo by Andy Watson /

PUEBLO, Colo. ― Australian Josh Birks was the only rider to cover both of his bulls at the Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division’s Nipawin RONA PBR event last Friday night.

Birks picked up 85.5 points in the long round and added an 89-point effort in the short go to come out on top with a total of 174.5 points for a $3,700.12 payout.

Wyatt Gleeson (Crossfield, Alberta) placed second with an 87-point ride in the short go for $2,359.16. Although Gleeson bucked off in Round 1, he was given another ride due to the short go rule during TPD events. If there are not 10 qualified rides in the long round, spots in the championship round will be filled with riders who achieve the longest buck off times.

Adam Jamison (New Zealand) and Billy West (Cadogan, Alberta) tied for third with 84 points in the long round for $1,272.50 apiece.

With an 85-point effort in the long round and 85.5 points in the short go, Matt Bohon (Cole Camp, Mo.) landed a first-place finish at Flying V Arena Saturday during the Presho, S.D., TPD event.

Bohon totaled 170.5 points to earn $3,867.09 in winnings.

Clint Connelly (Stapleton, Neb.) came in second with 81.5 points in the long round and 81 points in the short go for $2,633.52. After notching only 69 points in Round 1, Alexander Cardozo (Queretaro, Mexico) launched himself into third-place overall with an 86-point effort in the short go for $1,916.33.

Gustavo Pedrero (Jalisco, Mexico) won the San Antonio PBR TPD this past weekend with an 87-point ride for $1,836.00. Ryan Estrada (Dublin, Texas) placed second with 83.5 points for $1,428.00 while Guthrie Long (Precos, Texas) took third with 82.5 points for $1,071.00.

The TPD will stop in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas this weekend.

The ABBI Pueblo Invitational TPD is scheduled for 7 p.m. on both Friday, May 16, and Saturday, May 17, during the Wild Wild West Fest in Pueblo, Colorado. Brant Atwood (Pampa, Texas), Stetson Lawrence (Williston, N.D.) and Guytin Tsosie (Farmington, N.M.) are ready to ride at Southwest Motors Event Center.

At 7 p.m. on Saturday, the Mile High PBR event will take place in Prescott, Arizona, at Tim’s Toyota Center. Markus Mariluch (Elko, Nev.) and Matt Triplett (Columbia Falls, Mont.) are scheduled to compete.

Fans will be able to watch 2009 PBR World Champion Kody Lostroh (Longmont, Colo.), BFTS rookie Brady Sims (Holt, Mo.) and Sean Willingham (Summerville, Ga.) compete at the Pala Casino Spa Resort during the Pala, Calif. TPD PBR event on Saturday at 7 p.m., as well as Sunday, May 18, at 2 p.m.

2008 PBR World Champion Guilherme Marchi (Leme, Brazil), L.J. Jenkins (Porum, Okla.), Harve Stewart (Stephenville, Texas) and J.W. Harris (May, Texas) will ride at the Cody Ohl Steak Cook-off Chute Out in Hico, Texas, on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
May 9 at Nipawin Centennial Arena in Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points, Earnings)

1. Josh Birks, 85.5-89-174.5 points, $3,700.12
2. Wyatt Gleeson, 0-87-0-87 points, $2,359.16
3. Adam Jamison, 84-0-84 points, $1,272.52
3. Billy West, 84-0-84 points, $1,272.52
5. Tyler Pankewitz, 79-0-79 points, $643.66

May 10 at Flying V Arena in Presho, S.D.
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points, Earnings)

1. Matt Bohon, 85-85.5-170.5 points, $3,867.09
2. Clint Connelly, 81.5-81-162.5 points, $2,633.52
3. Alexander Cardozo, 69.5-86-155.5 points, $1,916.33
4. Abe Dillman, 86.5-0-86.5 points, $1,514.70
5. Zac Peterson 0-81-81 points, $763.09

May 10 at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas
Final Results (Total Points, Earnings)

1. Gustavo Pedrero, 87 points, $1,836.00
2. Ryan Estrada, 83.5 points, $1,428.00
3. Guthrie Long, 82.5 points, $1,071.00
4. Juan Alonzo, 80 points, $765.00

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