Bullfighters Gorham and Newsom featured on PBR Tough 10

By: Kristian Limas
December 22, 2016

The team of Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom and Jesse Byrne have saved countless cowboys. Photo: Christopher Thompson /

The team of Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom and Jesse Byrne have saved countless cowboys. Photo: Christopher Thompson /

PUEBLO, Colo. – When the buzzer goes off to signal an 8-second ride, that’s when PBR bullfighters Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom and Jesse Byrne get to work to make sure a bull rider makes his way to safety.

Bull fighting is equal parts selflessness and fearlessness. The team of PBR Bullfighters do not hesitate to jump into the middle of a wreck to save a rider in trouble.

That responsibility is carried with skill and professionalism by the PBR Bullfighters and has led to some amazing saves.

If you ask any one of them, they’d rather shrug off the attention and note that they’re simply doing their jobs. But, sometimes even the humble deserve a little recognition.

Some of the most harrowing saves in PBR history will be featured on CBS Sports Network’s “PBR Tough 10: Greatest Saves” Friday night at 9 p.m. ET.

Tune in to see where exactly these moments rank and which is named number one.

Gorham has been a part of the PBR Bullfighters since 2006 and has been fighting bulls since he was 14 years old. The San Juan Capistrano, California, native has seen his fair share of wrecks in his career and has never once shied away from doing his job.

That dedication earned him a spot on the list.

“I think I do it because I love animals, I’ve always liked working around bulls,” Gorham says in the episode. “Knowing that you’re helping somebody. Knowing that someone will get to go home and see their wife and kids because of you.”

Bullfighting is a career that will, sooner or later, leave a mark. It’s an inevitability that bullfighters do not think about, lest they lose focus on their jobs. That is a fact of life that Newsom knows very well every time he arrives at the arena for a BFTS event.

Newsom’s toughness is the stuff of legend in the world of the PBR, and it also earned him a spot on the Tough 10 list.

“It’s kind of a joke,” J.W. Hart said. “That ghosts sit around campfires and tell Frank Newsom stories.”

That kind of toughness was in full display in Oklahoma City, when Newsom stepped in to get a bull off rising superstar, Kaique Pacheco. Newsom got a kick to the face distracting the bull that immediately knocked him out and kept him on the sidelines for a few weeks. Despite the scary looking hit, Newsom returned to the dirt a few events later ready to get back to work.

“I was raised around men that were tough,” Newsom said. “I really love my job and I want to work. You’re going to have to hurt me pretty bad to get me out of there.”

The bullfighters are some of the hardest working men in the PBR, and the sport would be nothing without their efforts to protect the riders week in and week out. There are countless moments that could qualify for the Tough 10, and now you can see what some of the PBR’s best selected.

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