Q&A with Joao Ricardo Vieira

After getting so close to winning the 2014 World Championship, João Ricardo took his luggage and headed back to Brazil, frustrated by not riding some of his bulls at the Built Ford Tough World Finals and not putting his hands on his first World Champion buckle.

Joao Ricardo Vieira caught up with to discuss the upcoming season:

ES: How does it feel to get so close to winning the world title, but coming up short? How were the nights when you could not cover your bulls in Las Vegas? How is this experience of not winning the world title?

VIEIRA: The title was not mine, so I did not lose. I just had no ability to earn it. After I came very close. What was disappointing was having fallen off bulls that I knew I had the potential to beat. Because of this, I stayed upset.

ES: You told me you’re studying English. What’s the point of focus on studying now. This is a challenge for you?

VIEIRA: Yes, more is a challenge, a big challenge for 2015. I want to communicate better with the fans. I would like to give a little more attention to them.

ES: You finished the 2013 season third in the world standings. In 2014, in second. Can fans expect you to be up there again in 2015 fighting for a world title?

VIEIRA: For sure. I will train more, this defeat in Las Vegas left me more determined to win. I will require more of my potential and get stronger to try and win this title.

ES: You had hard days after the Finals. Apart from getting close to the title, your mother-in-law died in the first week of December. How was this period in Brazil?

VIEIRA: I had intended to stay put, not ride in bulls. I could for only 15 days. I started training, I went to a rodeo and finished in fourth place. I like to ride bulls and I’m doing it every week.

About what happened to my mother-in-law, she had an aneurysm before the Finals. All this time was between life and death, and the worst happened. My wife and I are very sad, but we are overcoming it.

These days I try to do different things. I swam in my father’s farm, practiced running on the riverbank, playing with my daughter, walking my horse and walking my bull, Billy.

ES: I realized that in the U.S. people do not understand because you look very serious. Are you thinking of changing this and maybe celebrating more to show fans a different side of you?

VIEIRA: About celebration, I think that needs to be spontaneous. In my opinion, the celebration happens when we need to win one good and hard bull.

My seriousness is part of my personality, I am so. I just talk less because I do not know English, but I will practice my English in order to communicate more with people.

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