Revised Points System and Rule Changes Announced for 2016 BFTS

By: Denise Abbott
January 09, 2016

The 2016 BFTS begins this weekend in Chicago. Photo by Andy Watson /

The 2016 BFTS begins this weekend in Chicago. Photo by Andy Watson /

PUEBLO, Colo. – As their first order of business of the 2016 PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) season, the PBR’s newly appointed Executive Competition Committee (ECC) has revised the PBR world standings points system and reviewed, updated and clarified several  existing competition rules. These changes are part of the PBR’s continuing effort to develop the sport and its athletes by regularly reviewing its rules and procedures.

These rules and points system will go into effect immediately, starting with the Chicago Invitational on Jan. 9-10 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Points System Revision*

• The PBR’s ECC has decided to award the event aggregate/average winner of a three-day BFTS event 500 world standings points – 100 more than the winner of the aggregate/average at a two-day event.

• The Committee has also chosen to extend the number of placings that will receive points in each BFTS competition round.  In 2015, round points were awarded to riders finishing in the Top-5 of a round. Starting in 2016, round points will be given to finishers from first through seventh place.

• 15/15 Bucking Battles – a special round of competition presently scheduled to take place at eight  BFTS events, one more event than in 2015, pitting the world’s Top 15 bull riders against the Top 15 bulls – will also now award points for the Top-7 finishers.

• With the addition of the fourth PBR Major in 2016 which increased the total points available during the Built Ford Tough Series regular season, the PBR’s ECC has also adjusted the points system for the Built Ford Tough World Finals proportionately placing slightly more emphasis on the World Finals. Round points will be awarded to an extended number of placings. The Top-10 finishers in each round and the Top-10 finishers in the event aggregate/average will now receive points.

*Updated points charts can be found below.

World Champion Bucking Bull Selection

• In 2016, the World Champion Bucking Bull (WCBB) contenders will be based on season-long performance, with the possibility of an additional selection by BFTS riders’ and up to two bulls selected the ECC. In previous years, the PBR Livestock Director and the Top 35 bull riders selected the contenders through a vote.

• A minimum of seven and a maximum of 10 bulls will be eligible for the WCBB title. Each bulls’ top eight qualified scores from the current BFTS season will be totaled. The seven bulls with the highest combined score for their Top-8 performances will earn qualification to compete for the WCBB title.

• The Top 40 bull riders on the BFTS will vote for one additional contender to be added to the seven qualified bulls if the selection is not already represented in the top 7 qualifiers. At their discretion, the ECC can select up to two additional contenders.

• Each contender will continue to receive two outs at the World Finals, with the highest combined two-out score determining the World Champion Bucking Bull.

“The resources available at PBR, including a detailed statistical analytics staff position and the development of the Executive Competition Committee, has afforded us the opportunity to regularly review and update our competition rules and procedures,” said PBR CEO Sean Gleason. “We believe these changes reflect our commitment to the development of our sport and our world-class athletes.”

Bovine Athlete Safety

In the PBR’s continuing efforts to ensure the safety of its bovine athletes, the ECC has augmented its procedures pertaining to bull falls.

• When a bull falls during a ride, the rider is offered a re-ride.  In the past, riders have been offered the option of taking a re-ride on the same bull if the bull’s stock contractor agreed. Starting in 2016, bulls that fall down during a ride cannot be brought back for a re-ride and cannot return to competition until he has been inspected and cleared by a veterinarian.

• These steps are being established to further ensure the utmost safety and care for the PBR’s animal athletes.

Additional updates

Additional rules have been revised and updated, including the disqualifications for slaps and re-rides for bull hipping.

• Slapping: While slapping a bull – touching a bull with a free hand or arm or extension thereof – will result in a bull rider being disqualified, a PBR judge is permitted to use his discretion in the event a rider incidentally slaps a bull’s horn or tail.  Under no circumstance will a rider be awarded a re-ride if they touch any part of the bull other than the horn or tail.

• Bull Hipping: A PBR judge can award a re-ride if a bull hips himself  – makes contact with the bucking chute or gate – and it leads directly to a buckoff; however, the judge must determine if the hipping led to the buck-off.  If the hipping does not impede the rider’s ability to complete the ride, no re-ride will be awarded.

Complete explanations and details for all rules governing PBR competition can be found in the PBR’s Official Rule Book. For more information, contact the PBR’s Competition Department at 719-242-2800.

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