The Morning Line: Chicago, Day 2

There are a lot of good matchups this afternoon on bulls that can deliver big scores. It took 86.25 points to win points in the round last night, and if the riders deliver again tonight, it will take a bigger score than that to get points in Round 2. Quite a few guys have favorable matchups on bulls that can get them to 87 or more points.

Cody Nance on 260 Damn Right:

Nance should get a second score here, but he may have to get his short round bull ridden to cash in on points. He put up 83.25 points in Round 1. This one should get him a better score than that, but there are a lot of great matchups in this round that could beat him.

JB Mauney on 903 Dynamite:

This should be a good draw for Mauney, and a good chance to get some round points. Chase Outlaw won the first round here in Chicago on this bull last year. Dynamite went both ways with Outlaw, and went to the right first, which is good for a left-handed rider. The average score on Dynamite is just under 86.5 points, and Mauney will probably need more than that to place well in this round.

Ryan Dirteater on 922 Modified Clyde:

Clyde is a solid bull with a lot of speed, and he’s a great draw for any left-handed rider. Cody Nance won second in a round on him last week. This is a bull that can deliver big scores — the average score on him is right at 88 points. Nance was 87.5 on him.

Jordan Hupp on 15U Electric Prune:

We don’t get to see this bull on tour often enough. Every time he shows up he also ends up in the Morning Line, because he’s one of the best draws in the PBR. As his name suggests, he is electric. He bucks with a lot of speed and intensity, but he’s still rideable because he also has great timing. Rides on Electric Prune often end up on the highlight reel, and every single time he’s been ridden it’s been for a round win. He prefers to go to the left, so Hupp will have to get it done away from his hand here.

Matt Triplett on 708 Delco:

This is a rematch from the World Finals, where Triplett was 89 in Round 4. He ended up second in the round to Mauney’s 93.25-point ride on Bruiser. In a regular season long round, Delco is almost always going to be one of the best bulls in the draw.

Silvano Alves on 911 Hy Test:

Alves did the job on a tougher bull than this last night, and he’s almost sure to get a score here. He rode this bull in 2013 for an 85.75-point score, which won’t be enough to place deep tonight. This is also familiar territory for Alves — a lot of bulls don’t live up to their reputation with him aboard, and he’s not known for getting the best out of bulls. In any case, he’s likely to turn in his 18th consecutive ride here, and at least move on to the short go where he always has a decided advantage over most of the other riders in that he tends to stay on his short round bulls far more often than most guys do.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 607 Contraband:

We have only one out on record for this bull, but it was apparently a good out. Skeeter Kingsolver rode him about 5 seconds in a Columbus, Ohio, Touring Pro event, and Contraband turned in a 45-point bull score, which means Kingsolver was 3 seconds away from being 92-93 points. That may have been a fluke, but if it wasn’t Oliveira could get another round win if he can stay on.

JW Harris on 190 Escaped Convict:

This bull has been to just one BFTS event. Neil Holmes rode him in Allentown, Pennsylvania, back in the fall. He’s been ridden a couple of times in nine career outs, and he hasn’t faced anyone as good as Harris. Harris should get a second score here, but like some others, he’s going to need this bull to have great day to get any round points.

Marco Eguchi on B111 Kiss Animalize:

Reese Cates won the second round in Baltimore on Animalize with an 88.5-point score. This is one of the better draws in this round, and Eguchi is likely to place deep if he can get the job done. This bull should spin into his hand, and has great timing.

Brady Sims on 908 Americana:

Sims was 84.5 points on this bull in Baltimore last week, and he’s ridden him at a Touring Pro event as well. After turning in the lowest score of the night last night, he needs more bull under him in this round. If he’s under 85 here he’ll have to do well in the short round to get serious points out of this event.

Chase Outlaw on 033 Shoot Out the Lights:

We saw Matt Triplett win third in Round 2 last week on this bull, and that was his PBR debut. This is a bull that doesn’t have a long history, but he’s no slouch, and he’s been ridden in four of five career outs. The one buckoff was at 7.22 seconds. It’s safe to say riders think he feels pretty good. He will probably spin away from Outlaw’s hand, but that shouldn’t be a problem on a bull with good timing.

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