The morning line: Fresno, day 2

By: Slade Long March 29, 2014@ 09:30:00 AM

FRESNO, Calif. ― The Top 5 riders entering the final night of competition at the Table Mountain Casino Invitational are seperated by one point. Here is a look at some of the Round 2 matchups to keep an eye on:

Kody Lostroh on 42 Braveheart:

This is one of the highest-rated bulls at this event. Braveheart has been around since 2009, but he only has 16 outs on tour – 13 of those during the 2010 season. In his prime he was a handful, but he’s gotten somewhat better to ride. He’s always been antsy in the chute and been a little unpredictable. Valdiron de Oliveira rode him in Anaheim, Calif., this season for 88.5 points in the second round. We could see a big score here if Lostroh can hang on.

Guilherme Marchi on 90 Boot Jack:

This bull got the best of Joao Ricardo Vieira last night in 1.7 seconds, earning a 44-point bull score in the process. It was only his third career out. He has been ridden once – at a Touring Pro event last fall.

Brady Sims on 90 LL Cool J:

LL Cool J was out twice in Anaheim. He was extremely good with Cody Brown in Round 2 and just okay in Round 3 with Lachlan Richardson. He’s been ridden twice in 10 career outs. If he’s as rank as he’s capable of being, he will be a tough test for Sims.

J.W. Harris on 305/8 Timberwolf:

Harris rode his first bull on tour last night. He’ll get tested here. Timberwolf threw off Chase Outlaw last night and hasn’t been ridden at all since Mike Lee did it in February 2013.  He’s 9-1 in his career against right-handed riders, but, to be honest, he hasn’t faced any right-handed riders as good as Harris.

Harve Stewart on 15L C Note:

C Note has been ridden in eight of his last 10 outs, for scores ranging from 86 to 90 points. He also likes to spin to the right, which would be good for Stewart. This is one of the best long-round draws in the PBR right now, and Stewart is likely to place high in this round.

Valdiron Oliveira wins the LiftMaster Chute Out with 90.75 points on C Note in the championship round. 

Kasey Hayes on 51 Night Rider 6:

Night Rider 6 likes to go to the right, which would be away from Hayes’s hand, but he has great timing and Hayes should be able to handle him. This bull has been ridden 10 times in 15 Built Ford Tough Series outs. Away from the bright lights he’s a lot better at throwing guys off. Every rider at this level should be favored against him.

Jordan Hupp on BB88 Woody:

Woody likes to go to the right, which will be into Hupp’s hand. He’s been ridden five times in his career, four of those by right-handed riders. This is not a done deal though. Woody has a few tricks up his sleeve. He’s not likely to spin a hole in the ground and just let someone stay on.

Cody Nance on 4X Addiction:

Nance is sitting in fourth place after Friday night and needs another score to stay in contention. This bull has been ridden three times in 11 career outs, most recently by Mike Lee in Sacramento, Calif., back in January for 85.75 points.

Tanner Byrne on 906 Boo-Ray:

In just six career outs, Boo-Ray has been ridden three times. He’s been ridden by both right-handed riders he’s faced the two times he’s been to this level and it seems unlikely that he will get Byrne on the ground here.

Valdiron de Oliveira on B111 KISS Animalize:

This is as close to a slam dunk as it gets. Oliveira should be heavily favored to get a score here – possibly a great one. This bull has been ridden in his last four outs and riders are 5-for-8 on him this season, with two of those rides earning 90 points. KISS Animalize has been ridden 10 times in his career and six of those were round-winning rides.
Guilherme Marchi rides Kiss Animalize for 90 points in Round 2 of the 2014 BFTS LiftMaster Chute Out. 

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