The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 1

Friday’s round is an ABBI Classic round – the first of two here at Springfield. These same bulls will be back in Round 3 on Sunday. There are a number of good bulls in this bunch, and there’s a good chance we’ll see a 90-plus-point ride to win the round.

Eduardo Aparecido on 1-4 Big Tex Wishes:

Aparecido is the man of the hour after winning last week. He had good solid bulls in every round in Thackerville, Oklahoma, and he did his job. He’ll be tested here though. Big Tex Wishes was one of the most impressive bulls out last week, throwing Nathan Schaper in the opening round. We’ve got the hottest guy paired up with one of the hottest bulls here.

J.B. Mauney on 124 Spin Machine:

This should be a slam dunk for Mauney. Brady Sims rode Spin machine for 86.25 points in Thackerville last week. This is a bull that likes to go to the left, has good timing, and should fit Mauney perfectly. Spin Machine is very similar to Breakdown — the bull that Mauney won Round 4 of the 2013 World Finals on.

Kaique Pacheco on 1149 Pearl Harbor:

This is one of the better bulls out in this group, and he was great in Thackerville last week.  Pacheco didn’t get out of Thackerville with any points, and he passed up a couple of chances to get some. He has a shot at winning a round here, and he needs to make it pay off. Doing the bare minimum and hoping everyone else fails isn’t a viable route to a World Championship.

Robson Palermo on Y4 Wired Child:

Ben Jones made a good ride on Wired Child last week. This is a quality bull, and the kind of bull most riders should get along with. He hasn’t given up a score to a left-handed rider yet, but he hasn’t faced one as tough as Palermo.

Shane Proctor on 2103 Buck Autism:

This bull has given up two big rides in the past two events he has been to, and he likes to go to the right. Proctor should be in good shape to get a winning or placing score here. Buck Autism carried Mauney to a round win in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Mason Lowe to fourth place in the round in Tulsa.

Tanner Byrne on Y2 Stone Cold Crazy:

Byrne should get a score here. Stone Cold Crazy carried Neil Holmes to an 87.75-point score in Round 1 last week, and he will be into Byrne’s hand. Byrne has been quiet at the BFTS level since the break, and he’s due to have a big event soon.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 32Y Bruiser:

You can’t draw a bull better than this one in this round, or probably at this event. The downside is that he definitely goes to the left, and he’s not a great fit for a bigger right- handed rider. That said, Bruiser has good timing, and that fits every rider. Oliveira has his work cut out for him here, but the potential payday is a big one. A qualified ride here will almost certainly deliver a round win.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 1217 Red Moon:

This may be the marquee matchup of the night. Mauney was 90.5 points on Red Moon last week to win the first round in Thackerville. Red Moon went to the left with Mauney, and Vieira seldom loses on bulls that go into his hand. Vieira needs to capitalize on every opportunity he has, and this is a big one.

Mason Lowe on -0 Johnny’s Boy:

Lowe had a good event in Thackerville, finishing fourth and riding two out of three of his bulls. There’s a good chance he will start off well here. This bull gave up 87.25 points to Eduardo Aparecido last week, and he’s a good draw for a right-handed rider.

Matt Triplett on 567 Lester Gillis:

Triplett will have his hands full here. Most riders like a bull that spins and doesn’t have a lot of drop. Lester Gillis is that kind of bull, but he’s exceptionally good at spinning, and he’s got a lot of speed. This is the kind of bull that is probably going to prove more difficult to ride than he looks. J.W. Harris couldn’t get going on him last week, and Triplett will have to be on his game to get the job done.

Nathan Schaper on 630 Rebelution:

Joao Ricardo Vieira’s matchup will probably get the most attention tonight, but this one could be just as good. Rebelution is the bull that wrecked Tyler Harr in the opening round at Thackerville. He’s the real deal, and he should be a great fit for Schaper. He will go to the left, and he’s the kind of bull that taller guys should like. Schaper could put up 90 points or more here if he can hang with it.


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