History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Iowa

The original Miss Rodeo Iowa crown is a bit of a mystery. The very first Miss Rodeo Iowa was crowned in 1964 and she did not wear a crown to the Miss Rodeo America pageant, but she did wear her trusty cowgirl hat, boots, wranglers, and a sash.

Years later in 1990, Miss Rodeo Iowa wore a crown in the shape of the great state of Iowa. This crown was a pin-type crown. And years later Miss Rodeo Iowa titleholders began to wear a crown with a band that went around their hats.

They say good things come in blue, velvet-lined boxes and in 2020 a new Montana Silversmith crown was created with the support of the Miss Rodeo Iowa organization. The Miss Rodeo Iowa crown represents a legacy of women that promote the sport of rodeo and will uphold its value for many years to come.

I’m proud to place the Miss Rodeo Iowa crown atop my hat. I’m honored of the cowgirls that came before me and am excited for the women to wear this masterpiece for years to come.

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