History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Oregon

At the retirement of the original Miss Rodeo Oregon crown, it was the oldest crown in the Miss Rodeo America program at forty-two years old! Camie Johnston Foster wore the original crown for the last time in 2005 during her reign as Miss Rodeo Oregon and in 2006, Trena Loftesness Anderson was the first to wear the newly constructed crown that is our current crown today. Created by Frontier Jewelry in Sweet Home, Oregon, the current Miss Rodeo Oregon crown was created with the shape of the state laid into gold and silver plating. It bringsa feminine touch to any rodeo arena with delicate swirling designs, flowers and iridescent stones. But don’t let that fool you, it is made strong and actually is quite heavy! A crown is a traditional symbol of a rodeo queen, one that I will not go without. I proudly wear the Miss Rodeo Oregon crown, knowing that it holds not only my story, but the stories of fourteen other women who have had the honor to wear it before me.

-Samantha Henricks, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021

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