On The Road With Miss Rodeo America 2023 – April

“Remember to remember”. This is a principle I am trying to implement as Miss Rodeo America! The month of April, and my entire year so far for that matter, has been filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences both big and small. I try to journal often and take photos along the way so that I can look back and ‘re-experience’ all of these special memories. I have realized that even seemingly mundane experiences in the moment have turned into some of my favorite memories. Here are a few of my favorites from this last month… along with some kind deeds sprinkled in the mix.

I started off the month at the Legends of the West Pro Rodeo in Wickenburg, Arizona! My home state! I soaked up memories with friends and family while wearing this crown horseback alongside them. Another blast of an experience was the “Cowgirl Up” event where they had me speak at an incredible art auction. I also attended a town council meeting and was named an “honorary resident” of the Town of Wickenburg! Kind deeds of the trip: Theresa Dunn, owner of Serape Blue, let me stay in her beautiful casita. The catch was, she wanted me to soak up time with family while in Arizona so she let my mom tag along and stay with me! My family and friends came to watch me in my element and even brought flowers.

Just days later, I made my way to Redmond, Oregon as the head clinician of the Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic. I also had the chance to attend the High Desert Stampede and cheer on some rodeo contestants the evening prior. At the clinic, I got to teach over 70 participants about horsemanship, appearance, interviews and speaking, and most importantly faith and purpose behind the title. It landed on Easter weekend so I was fortunate enough to give the Sunday morning devotional on my testimony of Jesus Christ. That for me will forever be one of my favorite things I got to do with this crown on! Many of the attendees opened up in vulnerability to share experiences of their own that rooted their testimonies in kindness and Christ. It was such a sweet day. Kind deeds of the trip: Lexy Hibbs, Miss Rodeo Washington 2022, gave me a beautiful outfit of hers to wear throughout my year. Carol Zimmerman and Kayla Vincent opened their homes to host me, the MRO board gifted me a beautiful Pendleton bag, and many of the clinic participants wrote me heartfelt notes and cards.

I spent the following week in southern Utah for the Washington County Fair and Rodeo! They put on such a wonderful production! I participated in their rodeo, attended schools and gave “rodeo 101” lessons, spoke on radio interviews, and toured the area of Saint George. They also put on a banquet with pageant and rodeo royalty from the entire county and region. I got to speak to them about finding deeper purposes behind our crowns. I even ran into some dear friends who made me feel at home! Kind deeds of the trip: my childhood friend came to the rodeo and bought me a pair of matching earrings with her with southwestern patterns on them to remind me of home. Susi, the fair director, made sure I felt welcome with my favorite Crumbl cookies and Swig soda pops!

I then made my way to northern California for the Red Bluff Roundup. Man alive, that was one fun rodeo! It is so rich in history and heritage. I spent time with some familiar faces like Bob Tallman and Wayne Brooks, along with some fellow sash sisters. Kind deeds of the trip: Jackie Scarry and Jeanne Joanette brought me one of the sweetest horse to use for the weekend and treated me to dinners. Whitney Moffett and JB Stacy made sure my trip was luxurious staying at The Bluff Wedding Venue in their beautiful bridal suite! A heavenly kind deed was my schedule falling into the perfect place for me to make it to church not even 2 minutes from the rodeo grounds, before reporting to my duties on a busy Sunday. It was my new year’s resolution to go to church every Sunday while on the road and little miracles happen seemingly every time to make sure I fulfill that goal!

One of the funnest experiences of the month was having a photoshoot with Justin Boots in Fort Worth, Texas. We shot inside Justin Studios and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame! It was so sentimental being photographed among the designer outfits and memorabilia collected from some of my greatest idols and icons who got me here. It sure felt like my nana Julee was nearby while looking at those rhinestone pantsuits! Kind deeds of the trip: Darla Fischer and Taylor McAdams carried things for me and placed my hair all day long to make sure everything went smoothly. I sat by the kindest people on my flights to and from this trip. I needed every conversation and loved talking to them about Kicking Up Kindness!

Until next month… remember to remember!

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