Andy Watson has Photographed 600 Premier Series Events. Here are his All-Time Favorite Shots

By: Andy Watson

Andy Watson of Bull Stock Media is in his 26th season as the PBR’s lead photographer and has captured nearly every ride in PBR history. He recently photographed his 600th premier series event.

“To be able to freeze that moment and look at it and see everything in it is really cool, and to (the riders) it means a lot,” Watson said. “Every ride is something special, whether it is good, bad, great form or their buddies are in the background.”

This season, Watson is taking fans behind the lens of some of his favorite photos, sharing his thoughts and processes as he covers each Unleash The Beast event.

This week, go behind the lens with Watson as he shares his all-time favorite images from his 600 premier series events.

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“Year: 2008 – Penn Station, New York City – This photo was the result of a one-of-a-kind event in a one-of-a-kind setting. As a promotion for Ford and the Madison Square Garden event, we bucked bulls outside the Garden. The Empire State building made for a remarkable background for a bull riding photo.”

“Year: 2014 – Oklahoma City – When conditions allow, I am able to put a remote camera in places that I can’t physically be. This is a shot from one of those places. My camera is buried in the dirt near the chutes in hopes it stays safe, and occasionally it works out. This low percentage shot really turns out amazing when it all comes together.”

“Year: 2015 – PBR World Finals – Put yourself in Frank’s shoes. What would go through your mind? I’ve had the opportunity to watch his career for 20-plus years, and it never surprises me when I catch Frank in these amazing poses.”

“Year: 2003 – Anaheim, California – Two legends of the time matched up at the event in Anaheim, California. One of the original PBR founders, Jim Sharp, and one of our legendary bucking bulls, Cash, went head to head. I always enjoyed having the chance to photograph Cash. He bucked so hard and always stretched out, making for great photos.”

“Year: 2004 – Nampa, Idaho – World Champion bull rider Michael Gaffney and three-time World Champion Bull Little Yellow Jacket matched up in the championship round of the Nampa event for a record-tying ride of 96.5 points. This was an amazing moment in PBR history. You can see the excitement on the faces of everyone on the chutes in the background. This ride is without a doubt one of the PBR memories that will always come to the front of my mind.”

“Year: 2005 – PBR World Finals – The Page bull Mossy Oak Mudslinger was one of the most electric bulls I have had the opportunity to photograph. This shot at the PBR World Finals with Cody Whitney is one of my favorites. This photo shows the determination and athleticism that Mudslinger had every time the chute gate swung open.”

“Year: 2001 – St. Louis – This is truly the most unique photo I have ever captured in my 30 years as a photographer. It was early in the 2001 season at the St. Louis event. Chris Shivers was the newly crowned 2000 PBR World Champion. Everyone wanted images of the new champion, so I was hoping to get a sellable image of Chris. I would never have thought this would be the outcome! After the standard burning of PBR in the dirt, there was a small unnoticeable flame that was burning. When Palace Station Express bucked over the top of it, he kicked up the flame and some unburned fuel. It was a very quick flash of fire, lasting a half-second or less. I was lucky to have pushed the button at the exact time it happened, making for a one-of-a-kind image.”

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