PRCA for the Record: Arcadia

Moving the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo to a new arena in 2018 created a new terrain for ProRodeo athletes to set records as they compete at the “Granddaddy of ’em All.

While 2021 marks the 93rd annual Arcadia rodeo, its ProRodeo record book begins in 1973 and the setting was permanently changed in 2018 when the $9 million 107,000 square-foot Mosaic Arena opened. It replaced the old Arcadia arena that was built in 1959. At the time, it was the second largest clear-span Butler Building ever constructed in the United States.

When the new arena opened in 2018, the team roping record to beat was 4.9 seconds, set by Clint Summers and Brad Culpepper in 2015. Their record stood until 2019 when Jacob Dagenhart and Zack Mabry posted a 4.8-second run.

It’s common for ProRodeo timed-event records to move in small increments like that, but team roping cousins Cory Kidd V and Clay Futrell took a massive leap forward with their 4.2-second run in 2020.

“For the longest time Arcadia was an outdoor arena and you would win with a 5-second run, but now it’s a covered arena and I expect it to be a lot faster,” Kidd said. “With a bit more of a condensed winter schedule this year, they’ll have a bunch of great teams there so it wouldn’t surprise me if they go much faster.”

Kidd and Futrell will defend their record as they compete for their share of the Arcadia prize money March 11-14. Fans can catch the action on the PRCA on Cowboy Channel Plus App. (See broadcast schedule)

“We got lucky,” Futrell laughed.

Both North Carolina ropers credited the other for the fast run.

“He stepped him to the left a bit to set it up perfectly and then heeled him fast with a strong dally for a good finish,” said Kidd, 31. “We had a really good steer and I had a really good start so it was pretty easy once you get that down. I was excited, it’s always cool to have an arena record and I did it with my little cousin and that was cool since he was a rookie and just getting going.”

Futrell’s memory of the record-setting run was similar.

“The main thing was the steer was a good one,” said Futrell, 22. “It wasn’t really fast and he stayed straight and was maybe a step left. Cory nailed the barrier and had it on him in two swings, so he was easy to heel.”

Kidd was riding his sorrel American Quarter Horse gelding, Gato, who was 11 years old at the time. Futrell was riding his 12-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding called Cutter.

“He was my good horse for all of last year and I rode him everywhere,” Futrell said. “He’s really quick-footed and when Cory turned him (the steer), he had me in the right spot where I could take a good shot. It’s wasn’t a risky shot at all.”

The cousins collected $2,657, each, for their 2020 win in Arcadia – one of the last ProRodeo competitions held before the COVID-19 shutdown.

They returned to competition in the summer and Kidd finished 20th in the PRCA | RAM World Standings for team roping heading with $38,389. Futrell won the PRCA | Resistol Team Roping Heeler of the Year award and was 24th in the world for team roping heeling with $34,502.

ProRodeo athletes have a chance to break Kidd and Futrell’s record, and the rest, while earning their share of the Arcadia prize money in 2021.

“Shoot, there’s a lot of good guys in it this year so it should get broken again,” Futrell said. “I feel like all records are meant to be broken but it’s cool to have it when you do.”

Other Arcadia records are as follows:

Rodeo records

Total payout: $118,266 (2019)
All-around: $5,395, Clayton Foltyn, 2006
Bareback riding: 90 points, Jared Smith, 2009; Kaycee Feild, 2018
Steer wrestling: 3.6 seconds, Tom Ferguson, 1984
Team roping: 4.2 Cory Kidd V/Clay Futrell, 2020
Sadle bronc riding: 92 points, Spencer Wright, 2015
Tie-down Roping: 8.4 seconds, Brad Hartt, 2018
Barrel racing: 16.46 seconds, Amy Combee, 1996
Bull riding: 91 points, Clint Craig, 2013

Courtesy of PRCA

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