2022 Wrangler NFR – Round 9

ROUND 9 – DECEMBER 9, 2022



2022 WNFR Thomas & Mack Arena Fri Dec 9, 2022 Las Vegas
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
Tim O’Connell Zwingle, IA 88.0 Soul Lunatic Tims second horse was awesome! Great match up. Reride
Kaycee Feild Genola, UT 87.5 Southland’s Shoutin’ Shoes Kaycee showed great control
Garrett Shadbolt Merriman, NE 87.0 Vitalix William Wallace Great out by William Wallace horse took a jump out of the chutes and circled right staying close to the chutes.
Clayton Biglow Clements, CA 85.5 Medicine Show Big circle around to the left close to the chutes
Cole Reiner Buffalo, WY 85.5 Painted Smoke Cole had to grit out the back half of that ride but did it well
Jess Pope Waverly, KS 85.5 Vegas Confused Horse goes right across the pen, then back to the left. Jess does a little dance move in the arena
Cole Franks Clarendon, TX 85.0 Arbitrator Joe Horse just circles to the left closer to the chutes
Rocker Steiner Weatherford, TX 84.5 Turn Back Time Big jump out of the chutes and down the pen.
Caleb Bennett Corvallis, MT 84.0 Devils Advocate Horse veered left then a slight right to the fence
R.C. Landingham Hat Creek, CA 83.0 Sozo Sozo was shy for just a second leaving the chute then went for it
Tilden Hooper Carthage, TX 82.5 Copycat Valley Rank pen of horses tonight.
Leighton Berry Weatherford, TX 81.5 Free Shipping Horse comes out with a big plant on the first jump then goes left. Leighton hung on.
Tanner Aus Granite Falls, MN 76.5 Dirty Harry
Ty Breuer Mandan, ND 75.0 Boom Boom Girl Boom Boom heads to the left across the pen and circles back.
Orin Larsen Inglis, MB Out injury
Contestant Home Town
Hunter Cure Holliday, TX 3.6
Jesse Brown Baker City, OR 3.7
JD Struxness Milan, MN 3.9
Dakota Eldridge Elko, NV 4.0
Tyler Waguespack Gonzales, LA 4.0
Tim Sparing Helena, MT 4.2
Rowdy Parrott Mamou, LA 4.2
Tanner Brunner Ramona, KS 4.2
Will Lummus Byhalia, MS 4.4
Ty Erickson Helena, MT 4.5
Dirk Tavenner Rigby, ID 4.7
Stetson Jorgensen Blackfoot, ID 5.2
Nick Guy Sparta, WI 5.2
Kyle Irwin Robertsdale, AL 5.3
Tristan Martin Sulphur, LA NT
Contestant Score Notes
Richard / Buhler 3.8
Masters / Harrison 3.9 Two swins and Chad threw. Going for the cash tonight
Tryan / Corkill 3.9 Clean run for Tryan and Corkill they are one of a few teams good on 7
Tomlinson / Smith 4.2 Staying solid in the average. only team good on 9
Aguilera / Torres 4.3 Going for a round win with being out of the average
Snow / Thorp 4.6 Clean run for Snow and Thorp
Ward / Hawkins 4.7
Dees / Lord 4.9 Got deep in the corner
Driggers / Nogueira 4.9 Great businessman run to say 2nd in the average.
Minor / Minor 5.0 Businessman run
Equsquiza / Graves 8.5 Slipped the inside leg
Orman / Crites 8.9 5 second penalty for slipping a leg
Wade / Yates NT
Proctor / Medlin NT Missed the heel shot
Smith / Long NT Missed heel shot
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
Dawson Hay wildwood, AB 92.0 BDM Mud’s Killer Bee Great ride on the World Champion Bucking Horse!! Highest marked ride of this WNFR
Lefty Holman Visalia, CA 89.5 Cloudy Skies Lefty has been riding the best he ever has these last 9 rounds.
Zeke Thurston Big Valley, AB 88.0 Miss Major / Indian Burn ReRide option Had a different trip than normal 72.5 Great second ride.
Logan Hay Wildwood, AB 86.6 Wild Bill 777 on 9
Chase Brooks Deer Lodge, MT 85.5 Kay’s Big Bay Big horse circled around to the left.
Stetson Wright Milford, UT 84.0 Greeley Hat Works Avenger Horse had side jumps and went down the pen.
Ryder Wright Beaver, UT 83.5 Momma’s Boy The big white horse spins to the right
Tanner Butner Daniel, WY 81.5 Miss Ellie
Kade Bruno Challis, ID 81.5 Assault Horse goes right out of the chutes and down the right side of the pen
Layton Green Millarville, AB 65.0 Hammer Stone Made the 8. But hung up a few jumps on both sides
Brody Cress Hillsdale, WY 64.0 Mighty Mo Horse ducked and dived then spun to the right. Hard to get in time wtih the horse
Kole Ashbacher Arrowwood, AB NS Heaven On Earth
Wyatt Casper Miami, TX NS Resistol’s That’s a Wrap Bucked off early
Kolby Wanchuk Sherwood Park, AB NS Tickled Pink Missed the horse out
Sage Newman Melstone, MT NS Elvira Bucked off half way through the ride
Contestant Home Town Score Notes
Marty Yates Stephenville, TX 7.8 Going for day money
Ty Harris San Angelo, TX 8.0 Hard running calf. lost time on the gather
Tuf Cooper Decatur, TX 8.2 quick calf controlled his rope so no jerk.
Hunter Herrin Apache, OK 8.6 Last nights round winner
Zach Jongbloed iowa, LA 8.8 Quick exit off his horse after roping fast running calf
Haven Meged Miles City, MT 9.3 Calf was down when he got to him had to pick him up
Caleb Smidt Bellville, TX 9.5 Businessman run leading the average and the world
Tyler Milligan Pawhuska, OK 10.5 hard running calf lost time on the ground.
Cory Solomon Prairie View, TX 12.2 Had trouble on the ground with a little stumble and the calf tried to run up the rope
Macon Murphy Keatchie, LA 22.5 Pure cowboy try made that happen. Had to pull the rope and hold on tight.
Riley Webb Denton, TX NT NT calf kicked free
Shane Hanchey Sulphur, LA NT Jerk down violation
John Douch Huntsville, TX NT
Shad Mayfield Clovis, NM NT Missed with first loop, packing a second but it wont work tonight
Kincade Henry Mount Pleasant, TX NT Calf kicks free
Contestant Home Town Score Notes
Hailey Kinsel Cotulla, TX 13.34 Fastest run of the whole rodeo!!!
Emily Beisel Weatherford, OK 13.38 What a run on the middle of the ground!
Shelley Morgan Eustace, TX 13.47 Leading the average
Margo Crowther North Fort Myers, FL 13.52 Clean run for the Florida cowgirl Her fastest
Dona Rule Minco, OK 13.59 Clean run!
Lisa Lockhart Oelrichs, SD 13.59 Clean.
Wenda Johnson Pawhuska, OK 13.65 clean run! Had to work to not hit the third barrel
Kassie Mowry Dublin, TX 13.71 Clean
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi Lampasas, TX 13.77 Wider 1st barrel
Bayleigh Choate Fort Worth, TX 13.80 Wider 3rd barrel
Jordon Briggs Tolar, TX 13.88 #2 in the world
Sissy Winn Chapman Ranch, TX 13.99 Wide 1st barrel
Stevi Hillman Granbury, TX 14.92 Wide 1st barrel and a stumble
Jessica Routier Buffalo, SD 23.69 Hit the 2nd and 3rd
Leslie Smalygo Skiatook, OK NT Last nights round winner. Broken pattern headed to the 2nd
Contestant Home Town Score Stock Notes
Trey Holston Fort Scott, KS 89.5 Belly Dump He got tapped off early and matched Belly Dump move for move
Tristen Hutchings Monteview, ID 88.5 GR Trailers Lil Loco Made it to the 8! what a celebration dance
Ky Hamilton Mackay, QL 88.0 Ols Tubs Ugly Wish Got tapped off and was able to use his free arm
Jeff Askey Athens, TX 85.0 Freckles Brown Sore left arm – Jeff made that bull look easy
Stetson Wright Milford, UT 82.5 Spy Glass Big bull spins to the right then changes direction spinning left.
Trey Kimzey Strong City, OK NS Geronimo Bill spins left away from his hand and he goes down to the outside.
Jared Parsonage Maple Creek, SK NS Twister Right spinning bull sends him off the back end
Cole Fischer Jefferson City, MO NS Con Air Bull got him off his rope and he went off the back
Maverick Potter Waxahachie, TX NS Lil Man Having a tough WNFR has yet to cover a bull.
Creek Young Rogersville, MO NS Mojo Risin Down quick
Garrett Smith Rexburg, ID NS Alberta Prime Devil’s Advocate Was evaluated for concussion protocol earlier in the week
Trevor Kastner Roff, OK NS Spotted Demon Possible left knee meniscus tear
Josh Frost Randlett, UT NS Wicked Sensation Bull spins right and he falls forward hangs up a moment but gets away safely
Lukasey Morris Union City, OK Concussion Protocol
James Stratford Byers, KS Out injury
Reid Oftedahl Raymond, MN Out injury

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