PBR Sioux Falls Invitational Velocity Event Providing Riders Opportunity for World Points

By: Darci Miller

PUEBLO, Colo. – When the Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol, comes to an end on Sunday, the action will only just be getting started at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Immediately following the championship game, the bull riders will gear up for the PBR Sioux Falls Invitational – the first event on the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour since the Bangor Classic was held in Bangor, Maine, on March 6, prior to the industry-wide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Action begins on July 12 at 2:30 p.m. ET exclusively on RidePass.

After taking place in a closed environment at the Pendleton Whisky Let ‘Er Buck Saloon at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas, the METC – and the Sioux Falls Invitational – are being held in front of fans.

At the Sioux Falls Invitational, riders will be competing for the most world points available outside of an Unleash The Beast event, with at least 30 world points going to the event winner. In the midst of the premier series’ summer break, each one of those points could be crucial in the world title race.

World No. 1 Jose Vitor Leme will be competing at the Sioux Falls Invitational after captaining Team Cooper Tires at the METC. Leme leads the injured No. 2 Jess Lockwood by 250 points in the world standings.

While Lockwood and No. 3 Joao Ricardo Vieira are not in the draw in Sioux Falls, Leme will be chased by three other riders in the Top 10 in the world – No. 4 Daylon Swearingen (361.34 points behind Leme), No. 6 Colten Jesse (-464 points) and No. 8 Lucas Divino (-473.5 points).

Event Riders
No. 1 Jose Vitor Leme
No. 4 Daylon Swearingen
No. 6 Colten Jesse
No. 8 Lucas Divino
No. 13 Matt Triplett
No. 15 Mason Taylor
No. 16 Marco Eguchi
No. 18 Mauricio Moreira
No. 20 Derek Kolbaba
No. 22 Alex Cerqueira
No. 23 Ezekiel Mitchell
No. 27 Joao Henrique Lucas
No. 29 Andrew Alvidrez
No. 31 Amadeu Campos
No. 33 Cooper Davis
No. 41 Rafael Henrique dos Santos
No. 47 Keyshawn Whitehorse
No. 57 Boudreaux Campbell
No. 60 Alex Santana
No. 69 Venn Johns
No. 71 Brady Portenier
No. 75 Ouncie Mitchell
No. 144 Dalton Rudman
No. 147 Kache Moosman
No. 177 Austin Richardson

Leme isn’t the only rider pulling double duty this weekend. Swearingen, Divino, Marco Eguchi, Mauricio Moreira, Ezekiel Mitchell, Andrew Alvidrez, Cooper Davis, Rafael Henrique dos Santos, Keyshawn Whitehorse, Boudreaux Campbell, Brady Portenier, Dalton Rudman and Austin Richardson are all making appearances for their respective teams.

In the midst of Team Cooper Tires’ run of success at the Monster Energy Team Challenge, Leme also won one night of the Slick Rock Challenge Touring Pro Division Event in Rocksprings, Texas, riding Hostage for 90 points in the championship round to earn 15 world points. Jesse won the second night of competition, riding Walkin Tall for 87.5 points to also take home 15 world points.

“It’s awesome when you are riding for a world title,” Leme told in June. “That’s why I like going to any events. I don’t care if is Velocity or Touring Pro. If they have world points, I’ll be there.”

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