TicketSmarter Morning Line – Nampa Round 2

By: Slade Long

Taylor Toves on 9D Notorious:

Toves won the first round, and that probably secured him a spot at the World Finals. He has a solid draw here. Notorious has been ridden three times this year, but he hasn’t been ridden by a right-handed rider yet. Toves does have a good chance to go 2-for-2 here, but he will have to do it going away from his hand.

Derek Kolbaba on 711 Sharon’s Lil’ Twister:

Kolbaba bucked off his first-round bull, but he came back with a huge 94-point ride in the 15/15 Bucking Battle, so he has to be feeling confident here. This bull is a good fit for him, should go into his hand and give Kolbaba a chance to get to the short round.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on W403 Freckles Brown:

This is one of the best draws in the round, but he’s been significantly nicer for right-handed guys. Freckles Brown is usually worth 88-90 points, and could deliver a round win, but it’s been two years since a lefty rode him. Derek Kolbaba did it in October of 2018 here in Nampa to place third in Round 2. A big score would be huge for Vieira, and his ability to close on Leme to a reasonable distance before the Finals really depends on this ride.

Cody Teel on 87C Sun Country:

Teel was 88 points in the first round, and he has a strong draw here. Sun Country has given up some big rides, including 88.75 points to Daylon Swearingen in Lincoln a few weeks ago. But, he is 14-1 against right-handed guys. This bull has some power and he won’t be easy, but aside from going left, he’s a decent fit for Teel, who is really good against strong bulls.

Mauricio Gulla Moreira on D18 Coal Train:

Moreira rode his first-round bull, but he’s 16th in the event right now, and needs another score to get to the short round. He has a fantastic bull here. We’ve seen this bull be more than good enough to deliver a round win, and he should go into Moreira’s hand. The only downside here is that Coal Train has been somewhat inconsistent. He turned in a pretty low bull score in Fort Worth, considering he was more than 45 points a couple of times this year. This should be a good matchup to watch.

Junio Patrik Souza on 591 Twisted X:

We haven’t seen this bull since February, but Souza should like him. Claudio Montanha Jr. was 87.5 points on him in Sacramento early this season. He doesn’t have a long history, but he’s been ridden three times in eight outs. A good ride in Round 1 moved Souza up in the standings, but he is still on the bubble, and more points here and in the aggregate could really help him.

Kaique Pacheco on 432 Judgement Day:

Pacheco has a score from Round 1, but he was only 82.5 points and is already out of the short round in 17th position. He will almost certainly pick up a second ride here. Judgement Day is 4-2 in his career, 0-3 against righties, and Pacheco will be the best rider he’s ever faced.

Boudreaux Campbell on W56 W hiskey Bent:

Campbell helped himself in the standings with 87 points in Round 1. He has a chance to do the same here. Whiskey Bent is a rock-solid draw who should go to the left, into Campbell’s hand. He can reverse the spin, and Campbell may have to be wary of that, but this is a good matchup all around.

J.B. Mauney on 83E Kapt’N Krunch:

Kapt’N Krunch is unridden so far in his young career. He hasn’t faced any high-level left-handed riders though, and he likes to go to the left. Despite that, he isn’t a great fit for Mauney or any other rider because he’s squirrely. He has quick moves, doesn’t spend much time in the air, and he appears to never settle into any kind of predictable groove. Mauney has a good chance to win this match, but it won’t be a cake walk.

Cooper Davis on 608D Flight Risk:

Davis was 87 points in Round 1, and could get on the board again here. This bull is not easy, but he’s rideable. Brennon Eldred was 86.75 points on him in Lincoln. He can have a long first jump, but overall he doesn’t have much that Davis can’t handle.

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