Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison – Overbrook, Okla. ($98,278)
3-time WNFR qualifer

Joseph Harrison grew up at Roff, Oklahoma amid a family of ropers. His father, grandfather and uncle roped. Well, pretty much everyone in his family roped, so he started roping too.

As a teenager, he was looking to improve and decided if he was really going to excel in the rodeo arena, he needed to up his horsemanship. So at 15 and for the next several years he would spend every summer vacation, every spring break and every chance he got with Bobby Lewis, renown Quarter Horse breeder and trainer.

Did it up Joseph’s game? Without a doubt. He joined the PRCA in 2007, the first of two years that he qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo. He continued to work for Bobby and was showing horses.

Then Jackie Crawford talked him into going to some rodeos with her husband Charly in 2017. Joseph got his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualification. He was back in 2018 roping with world champion header Chad Masters. They will compete as a team at the 2019 edition of rodeo’s championships.

A year ago, they won the legendary Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo together. This year they added another big title when they got the coveted Silver Spurs at the 100th anniversary of the Reno Rodeo.

Along with heading and heeling together, Chad and Joseph also have horse shows and the desire to train great rope horses in common. While Chad focuses on head horses, Joseph who still works for Bobby trains horses for both ends.

At the recent American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Finals in Fort Worth, Joseph won his second heeling championship. They took about 20 horses to the competition representing both ends of the team roping. He won it on a five-year-old stallion, Dual Axle, owned by Denise Bledsoe, this year. Last year it was aboard another stallion, Dual Patron.

Joseph loves riding young horses and there is no doubt that all of those horses help keep his roping skills sharp. It also helps him transition from showing horses, where control is more important than speed to roping where control contributes to speed.

Jospeh’s wife, Jodi, is a huge source of support in a small package. When she’s home and he’s gone, she’s taking care of horses. When they are both home, she’s taking care of horses and when they are both on the road, she’s taking care of horses. She pitches in wherever she can to keep up with their busy schedule.

For the third consecutive year, that schedule will include the NFR where Joseph will once again have an opportunity to showcase his horsemanship to thousands of fans.

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